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Authorities - Mentors' School

One-year personal training program in the field of personality development and acquiring natural mentor competencies – gaining the respect and authority which is needed in personal and professional development. The program is dedicated to graduates of the Academy of Leadership Psychology.


As an alternative to the market of “motivational speakers”, in the Values Consulting Group we have formed a club of business, psychology, science, art and sport personalities, who simultaneously have a gift for leading inspiring meetings which are in line with the profile and values of our company.


On the commission of company owners and boards of directors, we conduct different kinds of consulting and training, in which the key element is the integration of a business perspective with psychological knowledge/sensitivity. We help in the communicating of strategy and change, implementation of values, building team morale, beginning from a startup, through crises, to succession. We use models, which are described in the books which we publish:  „Versatile Leadership” – Kaiser and Kaplan, „Inspiring communication” – Kevin Murray, „Core Quadrant” Daniel Ofman, we take inspiration from the works of Jim Collins and Manfred Kets De Vries.

Leadership Versatility Index survey - LVI 360°

We have the license and competence to diagnose top managers and support them in their development, we test how they use their strengths, whether they tend to overuse them, how they can use self-management to complement opposite qualities and competencies – e.g. forceful and enabling leadership.

Health Psychology Laboratory/Doctors Academy

We use our knowledge in the field of managing a small and medium business, communication and influence in relations, in project for medical staff: patient – doctor relationships, managing stress, a clinic and doctor’s office as an effective company. We conduct postgraduate studies for doctors-entrepreneurs (with the SWPS University), in these projects we cooperate with renowned lecturers with medical training.

Personal problems? Personal counselling

For many years I was a psychotherapist – thanks to this experience I have a good sense of possible paths and forms of psychological help or psychotherapy. You are invited to 1-3 consulting sessions, which aim at understanding yourself and your situation, and to direct your steps of therapy or development in the right direction in the right places/Jacek Santorski.


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